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The Northwest Outdoors Alliance represents many outdoor-related organizations, that offer recreational opportunities in Washington State. Many have websites where you can find out more information.

Washington State Trappers Association

The Washington State Trappers Association (WSTA) is a 501(C)4 nonprofit organization of trappers and associates dedicated to maintaining our trapping privileges and regaining those that have been lost.

We take seriously the responsibility of maintaining the heritage of trapping we are heir to. Trappers produce the oldest renewable and environmentally friendly products. Furs are recognized as such after many centuries of use.

Trapping is an accepted and selective management tool for the harvest of furbearers. A well conducted harvest assists landowners by controlling nuisance animals before they cause damage.

We strive to educate the public to the necessity of a sustainable harvest of furbearers. We provide trapper education emphasizing the most humane and efficient techniques i... Read More


Washingtonians for Wildlife Conservation

Washingtonians for Wildlife Conservation is committed to working together to advance the tenet of scientific wildlife management and protect the rights of Washington State conservationists, sportsmen and sportswomen.

The WWC resolves to protect the heritage of our husbandry, to educate, assist and assimilate information about wildlife issues, and be a focal point for public involvement.

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